Pinback to release “Some Offcell Voices,” a compilation of early EPs

Pinback to release "Some Offcell Voices," a compilation of early EPs

Pinback’s two early EPs, 2000’s Some Voices and 2003’s Offcell, are indisputable fan favorites in the catalog of the San Diego band; as a matter of fact, I personally think of the latter as consisting of some of Rob Crow’s and Zach Smith’s strongest compositions to date. Now, the two records are about to see a vinyl release for the first time ever, combined into one album. Temporary Residence Ltd. will put out the limited-edition colored vinyl of Some Offcell Voices on March 10.

The material dates back to times when Crow and Smith were “musicians who spent their spare time away from their primary projects (Three Mile Pilot, Thingy, Heavy Vegetable) to hone their home recording skills while experimenting with ideas, tones, and instrumentation.” The two EPs trace the formation of the rough-around-the-edges, progressive pop sound that was to become the group’s trademark.

Some Offcell Voices can be pre-ordered here. Listen to one of the album’s highlights below:

Some Offcell Voices tracklisting:

01. Some Voices
02. Trainer
03. Manchuria
04. June
05. Microtonic Wave
06. Victorious D
07. Offcell
08. B
09. Grey Machine

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