Unlock the mystery of Plaid’s new album on interactive website

Unlock the mystery of Plaid's new album on interactive website

SoundCloud streams are basic AF. Always forward-thinking British electronic duo Plaid are back with a new album, and lead single “Clock” is available on a mysterious “interactive site,” where visitors are encouraged to “unlock” it. Intimidating. Will visitors be trapped in a virtual reality room, forced to solve brainteasers with the assistance of strangers? Confronted by a tiny yet imposing troll who will demand they solve riddles and/or give him your social security numbers? Anyway, it’s probably not as mystical as all that, but if the thought of going on a vision quest to hear a cool dance track scares you, the full album, The Digging Remedy is out June 10 via Warp.

The website is a collaboration with digital artist Cabbibo, who does not appear to be a diminutive under-bridge-dweller, but who could be a mythical creature — who’s to say. Plaid is playing Cuba and The Netherlands this month, with probably (again, who’s to say?!) more dates to come.

05.05.16 - Santiago, Cuba - Manana Festival
05.22.16 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Musiekgebouw

The Digging Remedy tracklist:

01. Do Matter
02. Dilatone
04. The Bee
05. Melifer
06. Baby Step Giant Step
07. Yu Mountain
08. Lambswood
09. Saladore
10. Reeling Spiders
11. Held
12. Wen

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