Plaid announce North American tour, share new video for “Wallet” — don’t watch unless you’re leather-bound!

Plaid announce North American tour, share new video for "Wallet" — don't watch unless you're leather-bound!

Many things can be said about legendary IDM (sorry) duo Plaid; whether it be their numerical superstitions later adopted by Dwight Schrute, or their blatant advocating in the name of classic fabric design, you certainly can’t say that these musically-dedicated Brits want for meaning and intrigue. The fact that they’ve been at it for more than 20 years is interesting and impressive enough on its own, but to hone in on the present, take Reachy Prints, their seventh studio album released a couple of weeks ago. Never mind that it’s a consistently wonderful listen; the name, according to Plaid themselves, comes from an interest in “prints as physical memories,” recognizing that perfect reproduction veers toward impossibility, and that visual renditions are ultimately a form of recollection.

Deep. Want more?

The track “Wallet” didn’t earn its title out of desperation and a subsequent turning out of one’s pockets; instead, it acknowledges “the symbolism of wallets as a safe place to store items we value and want to remember.” And yet they neglect to admit that most wallets aren’t nearly big enough to contain the Plaid discography! And what about things as momentary as live performances? The tackiness of a track named “iPhone 5S” need not be explained, but that won’t preclude the phone’s physical usage at each of Plaid’s upcoming North American shows. Take it easy with the long recordings though. Nobody wants memories of extended forearms.

Speaking of, here’s the new video for “Wallet,” which was inspired by the idea of “creating a world based on memories.”


07.03.14 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
07.04.14 - TBA
07.06.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy
07.10.14 - Austin, TX - The Parish
07.11.14 - San Francisco, CA - 1015 Folsom
07.12.14 - Vancouver, BC - Fortune Sound Club
07.18.14 - New York, NY - Le Poisson Rouge

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