Planet Mu release Polysick LP with an empty promise to bring acid house to the mainstream

Planet Mu release Polysick LP with an empty promise to bring acid house to the mainstream

Back in 2007 I lived with a bunch of college students in an acid house — a house where people dropped acid, listened to acid house and techno, and the house was literally deteriorating from acid. I only chose to live there so I could tell everyone about my “acid trips,” as I knew that literally everyone would be interested in my indulgent behavior.

Planet Mu, the electronic record label ran by Mike Paradina a.k.a. µ-Ziq, is releasing the newest LP, Digital Native, from Polysick on June 8. Polysick is producer Paul Kersex, who has a background with video production that helps him to make his songs visual for ears and auditory for eyes. Yep, acid house is back, and now you can hear tones with your eyeballs.

My plan is to bring the Digital Native vinyl to Acid House to see if anyone wants to trip balls to it. And, trust me, people trip over testicles as often as the house also serves as a nudist commune. Though most of the house has dissolved from the real acid, I feel it’s time to move on and just enjoy some new electronic tunes from Polysick. Honestly, I only dropped acid once. I got it all over my jeans.

Digital Native tracklist:

01. Totem
02. Woods
03. Taito
04. Loading…
05. Lost Holidays
06. Caravan
07. Drowse
08. Tic-Tac Toe
09. Meltinacid
10. Gondwana
11. Preda
12. World Cup
13. Bermuda
14. Transpelagic
15. Smudge, Hawaii

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