Pop. 1280 unveil new LP, Paradise, share track “Pyramids On Mars,” totally make my day

Pop. 1280 unveil new LP, Paradise, share track "Pyramids On Mars," totally make my day
Photo: Jacqueline Castel

Oh, hey again there Pop. 1280. I feel like I haven’t cozied-up to your warm and fuzzy brand of visceral, violent, post-apocalyptic punk for a few years now. Whatcha been up to?

Oh? What’s that? You’re actually gearing up to release your third full-length album, a record that’s “concerned about the ills that technology has wrought in the modern world” and is “fraught with existential ennui”? And it’s entitled Paradise and is coming out on Sacred Bones on January 22? No kidding! What a coincidence! I was actually just gearing up to write a little news piece for this magazine that I write for called Tiny Mix tapes. Would you… maybe wanna be in it, by any chance? We could talk about the album and quote the press release and share a song from it and tell people where to get it and give out the whole tracklisting and everything. What do you say?

Oh awesome! This is going to be great. How’s about we excerpt the part where you talk about Paradie “venturing further outside of traditional notions of punk, and diving even deeper into outer sounds” and the part where the press release says how “synthesizers, mechanized drum machines, and samplers play as critical a role on the record as the more familiar squall of Ivan Drip’s buzzsaw guitar and Chris Bug’s vocals”? I think people will really be tickled by little details like that.

And then…which song are you thinking of sharing? My vote is for “Pyramids On Mars.” So killer. And it’s the lead-off track, so it’ll make a great intro to the new record. I’ll embed it down at the bottom of the story too, as long as that’s cool with you. Right after the part about the iTunes preorder and stuff. It’ll be so great. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get started. Wow, gosh. I am just SO HAPPY I ran into you today, Pop. 1280! You are looking so great, by the way.

Paradise tracklisting:

01. Pyramids On Mars
02. Phantom Freighter
03. In Silico
04. Chromidia
06. Paradise
07. Rain Song
08. The Last Undertaker
09. Kingdom Come

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