Those scoundrels Pop. 1280 trumpet merry jaunt with Canadian roustabouts White Lung

Those scoundrels Pop. 1280 trumpet merry jaunt with Canadian roustabouts White Lung

Say, fell reader! I trust this newsy missive finds you well and blessed by the many bounties of our time! A man or woman’s joy or sorrow is but nary an aspect of the marrow, as my father always said, and thusly I wish unto you and yours a marrow so puffed with the vim of life that it is full, nay, over full! Perhaps, though, the arrows and slings of our present age have conspired to bring you all but to your knees. Despair not, I say! For the hour has come in which I might mutter unto you the glad facts of a small tour of the American and Canadian Northeast — a “jaunt,” shall we say — by the likes of those charming rakes Pop. 1280 (the very same who just this past annum released the elegant opus Imps of Perversion). Dates are listed below!

“With the utmost of gratitude I express my pleasure at hearing of this jaunt, it is as a small cordial upon my beleaguered soul, however, Taylor, it does not feel enough to beat back the darkness. Have you perhaps more good news?” Indeed reader, I do! For Pop. 1280 will not venture out alone — that would be madness! They will be joined by none other than those kindly rascals White Lung! What a glad happenstance indeed! Especially in the glistening light of the certitude of their upcoming full-length Deep Fantasy (out June 16). And mayhaps the darkness upon your soul is even too thick to be cut by this jovial dispatch. If that be so, I say unto you this and only this: please dear friend, click upon the play button in the below-embedded SoundCloud player. Henceforth its occult machinations will issue forth such sounds as only those lucky and driven few who got to certain record stores way early on Record Store Day have heard, viz., Pop. 1280’s “Kingdom Come” from Sacred Bones’ compilation Todo Muere Vol. 4.


06.21.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Union Pool
06.24.14 - Philadelphia, PA - Golden Tea House *
06.25.14 - Brooklyn, NY - Saint Vitus *
06.26.14 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge *
06.27.14 - Montreal, QC - Le Divan Orange *
06.28.14 - Ottawa, ON - House of Targ *
06.29.14 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison *

* White Lung

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