Posh Isolation reissues Erik Enocksson’s Apan

Posh Isolation reissues Erik Enocksson's Apan

It starts off slow — tentative yet pregnant with tension. The volume gradually crescendos, a beautiful unease growing at the same time. It freaks my cat out. It sounds like soundtrack music. Because it is.

What’s currently on blast: Erik Enocksson’s Apan (English translation: The Ape). Originally intended as the score for Swedish director Jesper Ganslandt’s film of the same name, it didn’t take long for the artists to discover that the film straight-up shouldn’t have any music in it. And thus was born this companion piece, a work of synth/bass/tape magic, which was released back in 2011 by Release The Bats. Now Posh Isolation is reissuing Apan on vinyl, in a limited run of 500 copies. It’s available June 29, 2015.

Freak out your cats with a sample.

A1. I
A2. II
A4. IV
B1. V
B2. VI

• Erik Enocksson: https://soundcloud.com/erikenocksson
• Posh Isolation: https://soundcloud.com/poshisolation

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