Princess Nokia premieres new song “G.O.A.T.” with new music video (I promise I won’t spoil anything!!!)

Princess Nokia premieres new song “G.O.A.T.” with new music video (I promise I won’t spoil anything!!!)
When it's finally summer, and you're all-like "ahhhhhh."

Concept cars, flat bill hats, gliding sub bass lines: it must be summer, and it must be a new Princess Nokia video!

That’s right, pool-partiers: with record temperatures across the country and wildfire warnings lighting up the Doppler radar like a Christmas tree, Princess Nokia still felt the need to turn up the heat by dropping a new music video for a song she’s calling “G.O.A.T.” Something about the swag with which she carries herself in the video tells me the title may stand for “greatest of all time,” but you can judge for yourself after you watch the video below.

Context-wise, remember last year when Princess Nokia deigned to grace her kingdom with a mixtape titled 1992? I know I do, because: 1) it landed on our Favorite Rap Mixtapes column, our third-quarter favorites list, and our big Favorite Music Releases of 2017 feature (at #21), and 2) I was counting 100 emojis in my sleep for months. Well, this new jam is a lot like that, except this time it’s just the one song/music video combo. But c’mon, she’s royalty! She’s got other things to do!

Luckily, one of those “other things to do” includes being out on tour until October — which, if I know anything about album cycles, likely means more music from her is coming soon! Wait…what’s that? It’s called the “Princess Nokia 1992 Deluxe Summer Tour 2017”? Well, shit. Oh well, check out the live dates below the “G.O.A.T.” video anyway, but maybe check your local humidity levels before you get out there, so you’ll know how many of those little handheld misting fans and novelty beer hats to bring with you.

Princess Nokia surveys her domain 2017:

06.29.17 - Roskilde, DK - Roskilde Festival
06.30.17 - Toulouse, FR - Les Siestes Festival
07.01.17 - Tilburg, ND - Woo Hah Festival
07.02.17 - Brussels, BE – Couleurs Cafe
07.06.17 - Novi Sad, RS - Exit Festival
07.07.17 - Krakow, PL - Nowa Muzyka Festival
07.08.17 -Trencin, SK - Pahoda Festival
07.08.17 - Prague, CZ - Creepy Teepee
07.09.17 - Liege, BE - Les Ardentes Festival
07.12.17 - New York, NY - Central Park Summerstage
07.14.17 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge [Sold Out]
07.21.17 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
07.22.17 - Los Angeles, CA - FYF
07.28.17 - Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground [Early]
07.28.17 - Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground [Late] [Sold Out]
08.11.17 - Malmo, SE - Malmo Festival
08.12.17 - London, UK - Sunfall Festival
08.13.17 - Helsinki, FN - Flow Festival
08.26.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Afropunk Festival
08.28.17 - Montreal, QC - Club Soda
08.24.17 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
09.03.17 - Sao Paolo, BR - MIS Conference
09.06.17 - Ljubljana, RS - Kino Siska
09.07.17 - Pula, HR - Outlook Festival
09.10.17 - Los Angeles, CA – Day N Night
09.12.17 - Berlin, DE - Huxleys
09.14.17 - Copenhagen, DK - Vega
09.15.17 - Oslo, NO - Ingerbrigt
09.16.17 - Rotterdam, NL - BIRD
09.28.17 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre
09.29.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Villain
10.10.17 - Zargoza, ES - Sala Lopez
10.11.17 - Madrid, ES - Ocho y Medio Club
10.12.17 - Barcelona, ES - Razzmatazz
10.13.17 - Seville, ES - Monkey Week
10.15.17 - Atlanta, GA - Afropunk Festival

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