Príncipe announces new EP from Niagara and label showcase in London

Príncipe announces new EP from Niagara and label showcase in London

If we choose to ingest news at all, those of us living in our self-centered American bubble rarely hear about the various happenings in Portugal. Luckily, the Lisbon-based Príncipe label is doing their part to advance a culturally-particular brand of sonar, whereby the obligatory rump-shaking that comes with kuduro (literally “hard ass,” if you consider the Portuguese “cu duro”) and related genres beckons attention all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Pedestrians walking along the Jersey Shore stop in their artificially scented tracks as a noticeable bend in the air leaps on land from just off the coast. People are far beyond just a compulsion to fist-pump at this point.

Whereas DJ Nigga Fox and Nidia Minaj have previously done much of the danceable honors on behalf of Príncipe in the recent past, the Loures-based trio Niagara are continuing the trend with Ímpar, a new EP set for release June 2. Listen to a track that more clearly earns the “house” label below, but also note that António Arruda, Alberto Arruda, and Sara Eckerson (the human components of Niagara) will be joining Puto Márcio (of Tia Maria Produções) and DJ Firmeza for performances at Principe’s first-ever label showcase, set to take place June 27 at Cafe OTO in London.

And so it seems Niagara’s initial Ouro Oeste 12-inch wasn’t just a Príncipe one-off, much to our satisfaction:

Ímpar tracklisting:

A1. Arruda
A2. Abacaxi Limão
B1. Legume
B2. Cheetah
B3. Alagarta

• Niagara:
• Príncipe:

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