Brains behind Príncipe Discos and Flur start new label Holuzam, drop two new records to celebrate

Brains behind Príncipe Discos and Flur start new label Holuzam, drop two new records to celebrate

Lisbon-based powerhouse dance label Príncipe Discos have been getting pretty much everyone with ears and feet dancing lately with a string of taste-making releases from Nidia, DJ Lilocox, P.Adrix, and DJ Nigga Fox — all of which have helped make Portugal the epicenter of electronic music over the past few years.

Because hot streaks never end, the co-founders behind Príncipe Discos (José Moura and Márcio Matos) and André Santos — all of whom co-own a record shop in Lisbon called Flur — have started a new label called Holuzam and have gone right ahead and announced the release of not one, but two new records on it.

If these first two releases are any indication, Holuzam will house the less danceable, more epic synth explorations. Belzebu is a reissue of an esoteric early-80s album from the under-appreciated Portugese avant-garde group Telectu that sounded like nothing else at the time it was released and still pretty much could have been dropped from another planet.

To complement Belzebu, you can also get on board the the Holuzam bandwagon with Taipei Disco by DWART (the alias of journalist and electronic musician António Duarte), which was recorded when Duarte lived in China between 1989-1993.

Listen to samples from both releases down below and pre-order them ahead of their August 3 release date now on digital and vinyl via Holuzam’s electronic computer warehouse.

Belzebu tracklisting:

01. Rotas / Opera / Tenet
02. Arepo / Sator

Taipai Disco tracklisting:

01. Taipei Disco 11:15
02. Taipei Disco (live)
03. Red Mambo (impromptu)

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