Profligate goes Somewhere Else with a new album TOMORROW on Wharf Cat

Profligate goes Somewhere Else with a new album TOMORROW on Wharf Cat

A healthy dose of excitement should be mandatory to anyone confronting the name Noah Anthony in their listening travels. As a member of Social Junk and Form a Log, and across numerous solo aliases, Anthony has proven adept at causing fits of voluptuous pleasure among listeners. As Profligate, he continues to warmly warp the minds of all who enter his experimental aural playground. He also happened to fix Tiny Mix Tapes up with the fantastic “For Sleep or Driving” guest mix a year or so ago; so…yeah, he’s kinda the bee’s meow in our books.

And speaking of cats and honey…the newest Profligate record, Somewhere Else, is out TOMORROW (January 5) on Wharf Cat Records. SWEET!

It’s the first “proper” Profligate album since 2014’s Finding the Floor and will be available on download and limited vinyl and compact disc. Pre-order them here and listen to the fevered tracks “Enlist” and “Black Plate” down below.

Compiling seven meaty samplings of spun beats and electronic noise forages, Somewhere Else is as musically exploratory and emotionally complex as you have come to expect from Anthony, but there is a significant twist this time around. Profligate has been working as a duo over the past year-and-a-half and Somewhere Else features poet, musician, and all-around fabulist of the best kind Elaine Khan as much as Anthony. It’s a match made in heaven…or, ya know: Somewhere Else equally good!

Somewhere Else tracklisting:

01. Somewhere Else
02. A Circle
03. Enlist
04. Lose a Little
05. Black Plate
06. Jet Black (King of the Road)
07. Needle in Your Lip

Profligate Somewhere Else release show:

01.19.18 - Brooklyn, NY - Secret Project Robot

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