JH1.FS3 (Puce Mary & Liebestod) cautiously prep for listener pants-crapping, announce new LP on Dais Records

JH1.FS3 (Puce Mary & Liebestod) cautiously prep for listener pants-crapping, announce new LP on Dais Records

One can easily envision a jostling for creative supremacy when solo artists follow through on their desire to collaborate with one another, but Frederikke Hoffmeier and Jesse Sanes luckily had the foresight to preempt any potential conflicts before their joint JH1.FS3 project became a thing a few years ago. They market their combined sound as a “more subtle ‘cinema of the ear.’” And the “more,” in this case, refers to their independent Puce Mary and Liebestod monikers, which have separately served as vessels by which terrifying things emerge and make any and all bathrooms seem suddenly out of reach. Paralyzing was Puce Mary’s 2018 album The Drought, and “ominous” is the euphemism of the day when describing the music of Sanes’s relatively unweathered Liebestod. Together, nah, they’re avoiding the inclination to showboat. It’s for the best, I tell ya.

Trials and Tribulations is the name of JH1.FS3’s upcoming album, out January 25 on Dais Records, and official press on the subject expounds on the motif of a measured meeting of minds. The two LA-based artists “opt for nuanced analysis rather than vanity,” and the result is a natural sequel to the preceding Loyalty from 2017. Don’t expect the fierceness common to industrial music, but do expect something thoughtful and sonically explorative.

Have a listen to the haunting samples of “Pipe Talk” below, and if you’re feeling brave, pre-order yourself a ten-pack of your very own trials and tribulations here.

Trials and Tribulations tracklisting:

01. Far From Spring
02. Every Little Detail
03. Aleppo In Headlines
04. The Chaos of Illusions
05. Interlude
06. The Earth Sticks To My Feet So I Won’t Abandon It
07. At The Bottom of the Night
08. Pipe Talk
09. Infinite Emptiness of a Heavy Heart
10. Nice

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