Puce Mary announces new album The Drought, her first for PAN, and her sixth for poisonous arachnids

Puce Mary announces new album The Drought, her first for PAN, and her sixth for poisonous arachnids
Photo: Jesse Sanes

Even in the ever-flexible world of the industrial avant-garde, the times they are a-changing: Puce Mary (heretofore an invariable mainstay of the Posh Isolation label), is anticipating a change of scenery with the announcement of a new album on PAN, and she’s also looking forward to turning the agression INWARD after years of being the artistic equivalent of a woman hurling demon/feral cats at passersby.

That’s right: her latest album, The Drought, is being touted as a first attempt at wrestling with internal trials and tribulations. Somehow nobody’s written an album that musically documents what happens to your digestive system after a courageous bout with spicy Mexican food, so now we can be thankful that we’re finally on the verge of having that. I can’t wait for the colorectal denouement!

Nah, in truth, The Drought is more about the emotional sense of “internal,” as a press release describes the album as a “first person narrative,” where the “traumatised body serves as a dry landscape of which obscured memories and escape mechanisms fold reality into fiction, making sense of desire, loss and control.” The release is still noisy and industrial-sounding, and Frederikke Hoffmeier is still found speaking in a way that erects our armhairs, but it’s also clearly following a path. The written works of Charles Buadelaire and Jean Genet were supposedly an inspiration.

Have a listen to the track “Red Desert” below and pre-order The Drought ahead of its release on October 5, here.

The Drought tracklisting:

01. Dissolve
02. A Feast Before The Drought
03. To Possess Is To Be In Control
04. Fragments Of A Lily
05. Red Desert
06. Coagulate
07. The Size Of Our Desires
08. The Transformation
09. Slouching Uphill

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