Rabit announces new album Life After Death on Halcyon Veil

Rabit announces new album Life After Death on Halcyon Veil
American flag: check. White picket fence: check. Uncompromising music producer: CHECK

When I was a little kid, there was this whole weird book series about a little vampire rabbit named “Bunnicula.” Never thought it’d matter to my worldview much after 2nd grade…but NOW I can see all too clearly that composer, DJ, and genre-exploding producer Rabit was subtly dropping hints to my then-eight-year-old-self about the triumphant October 5, 2018 release of his third album Life After Death on Halcyon Veil!

Or…maybe it’s just a total coincidence.

Either way, Life After Death, which follows pretty damn hot on the heels of last year’s Les Fleurs Du Mal, is apparently a WHOLE. NEW. INCARNATION. for the man. It was recorded “in home studios in Houston, Texas and Paris, France” and represents “the culmination of two years’ worth of experiments in various forms of synthesis.”

In other words: it’s some genre-bending shit. “The probing and revisiting of genres in electronic music felt fetishistic and limiting and wasn’t the best way for me to communicate,” Rabit notes. “Exploring sound is alchemy if you want it to be, but I would be wary to explain these aspects of my work because there’s a raw understated quality to the record that I want to respect…I leave it to time and the intelligent listener to make up their own meaning.”

Life After Death also features some otherworldly guest production from fellow Halcyon Veil artist IVVVO, mastering by Matt Colton, and original art from Christian Velasquez. It’ll be available on vinyl and digital on that aforementioned dates of October 5. Pre-order it here and listen to the album track “III” down below.

Life After Death tracklisting:

01. The Quickening
02. Spiral
03. III
04. All I Have
05. V
06. 6 Devil
07. Dream
08. Blue Death
09. IX (Regret)
10. eX
11. Daydream
12. 12

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