Rabit releases second DJ Screw-inspired mixtape of the summer ahead of forthcoming Halcyon Veil LP

Rabit releases second DJ Screw-inspired mixtape of the summer ahead of forthcoming Halcyon Veil LP
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One of the many existential contradictions of the artist (i.e. the “creator”; virtuoso of originality), is that he can never truly exist without some antecedent form of influence. In other words, like my drunken grandfather used to say, “you can’t get your fucking prized Leghorn chicken without first shitting out a slimy egg.”

Earlier this summer, Halcyon Veil’s Rabit delighted in the influence of his biggest influences by releasing a 10-track mix titled Cry Alone Die Alone; an admirable tribute to the timeless Houston legend DJ Screw. The mixtape ended up being one of our favorites of the summer…and in all honesty, will probably end up being one of our favorites of the year.

As if that wasn’t enough, though, Rabit (himself a Houstonian) just recently announced the release of a SECOND mix, this one titled Bricks in a Drought and likewise dedicated to the late DJ Screw — and also to the inimitable British pop singer Sade (both mixes come ahead of Rabit’s forthcoming Life After Death LP, which is set for an October 5 release on Halcyon Veil).

Bricks incorporates all of the “slurred rap” (thanks, Roughtrade) and slo-mo pop samples that you would expect to see in a proper chopped and screwed mix, and it’s the second time this summer that the Les Fleurs Du Mal producer has made us long for a genre which has largely vanished from the arsenal of contemporary electronic music production.

You can buy/stream/download the entire mixtape right over here from Rabit’s Bandcamp, or, if you’re not quite ready to subject yourself to that level of commitment, you can check out the individual track “Sade vs Trippy” down below without ever having to leave the safe, loving arms of Tiny Mix Tapes:

Bricks in a Drought tracklisting:

01. 1_Sade vs Trippy
02. 2_Sade vs Trippy
03. 3_Pourin Up/Streetz
04. 4_Boo vs Sade
05. 5_Nann
06. 6_Ciara New Day
07. 7_Sade vs Trippy
08. 8_Riri
09. 9_Boo Mask Off
10. 10_Still Tippin
11. 11_Aaliyah Dilemma
12. 12_Bricks in a Drought_Full Mixx

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