Move over Dr. Drew: Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood to host BBC 6 Music program

Move over Dr. Drew: Radiohead's Colin Greenwood to host BBC 6 Music program

Radio is on its way out! Nobody listens to radio! How do we get teens to listen to radio? More LMFAO remixes of Justin Bieber songs? More creepy middle-aged shock jocks in sweatpants pushing the “boner noise” sound effect button? Shittier music? These are the questions/hysterical assertions that plague radio execs across the land. “More teenagers calling Dr. Drew to see if they can get pregnant while they’re in the hot tub! More commercials! More Early Morning Zoo Crew!” they cry, in between pounding their feet on their desks and throwing bananas at underlings. (All radio execs are wacky chimps in suits. I know. I used to work in radio.)

The situation is different over at England’s BBC 6, however, where the station’s popular “Sunday Service” program is run by a bunch of chimps with really good taste in music. Normally hosted by Jarvis Cocker, the show will be taken over by Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood whilst the erstwhile Pulp frontman goes on vacation for three weeks. (John Lydon previously did the honors last time Jarvis was on holiday.) But Greenwood’s not going it alone — he’ll have brother Jonny and comic/6 Music regular Adam Buxton along for the ride. The concept of the show (yes, it has a concept) is that the brothers Greenwood are reenacting their favorite post-concert tour bus musical listening moments… or something. According to FACT, “as they travel between concerts, each one takes it in turn to play an influential and much loved tune in the hope that it’s universally appreciated. And 6 Music regular Adam Buxton is along for the ride in the role of compere and tour manager.” The first wacky boner noise-filled romp took place yesterday, July 7, which you can preview and view the playlist for here.

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