Radiohead expand King of Limbs vinyl remix series to 6… or maybe 7… or maybe a CD

Radiohead expand King of Limbs vinyl remix series to 6... or maybe 7... or maybe a CD

Leave it to At Ease to not quite be 100% sure what Radiohead is up to. According to a recent stab in the dark on the site, the band called Radioheld will maybe be releasing more vinyl remix thingiemabobbers than was first thought. The site also says that Radialhead’s got a CD release of the remixes scheduled for some day or another in September. Just somewhere in there. Who knows.

For their part, the band isn’t really sure about anything either. They don’t really know how many releases will be put out in total, how long Thom Yorke’s hair will get, or how many drummers their band actually has. Right now, At Ease says that Radiaheed are expecting six or seven disc-shaped vinyl releases of The King of Limbs remixes. Four have been announced, and two have been released so far. The fourth, according to someone else entirely, will maybe possibly feature remixes of “Give Up the Ghost” (Thriller Houseghost Remix), “Codex” (Illum Sphere rmx), and “Little By Little” (Shed rmx), and is available for preorder at still another place. In the meantime, vinyls and digital downloads are still available at the King of Limbs store, and I still don’t really know what’s going on. Maybe there’s some Cockney I’m missing in here.

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