Rangda announce The Heretic’s Bargain on Drag City

Rangda announce The Heretic's Bargain on Drag City

“What’s a Rangda?” she asks as she curled her lips around a cigarette.

“A Rangda,” I say as I smack the cancer stick from her dainty fingers, “is a band consisting of three members whose names I will now list: Ben Chasny, Chris Corsano, and Richard Bishop.” She coughs — a heavy cough at that — in response, which I can only imagine was meant to confirm that, yes, we know Chasny in part for his contributions to Six Organs of Admittance, Corsano for his wailing drums across every horizon, and Bishop for his time in the towering musical monument of Sun City Girls. “Thanks for the cough,” I say. “Now get off my bus so I can tell these nice people more about the Rangda record I read about in a press release.”

To everyone on the bus: “It’s the band’s third album, following False Flag and Formerly Extinct, and a delightful split with The Dead C. It’s called The Heretic’s Bargain, and it’s coming out February 19 on Drag City (pre-order it here). Ya heard any of those older records? Well this new one’s gonna be bigger, badder, and all-around more than those ones, so strap in. Actually scratch that, don’t strap in. Just listen to ‘To Melt the Moon’ in the SoundCloud embed below, and get off my bus. I was supposed to have it back to the bus garage 20 minutes ago.”

The Heretic’s Bargain tracklist:

01. To Melt the Moon
02. The Sin Eaters
03. Spiro Agnew
04. Hard Times Befall the Door-to-Door Glass Shard Salesman
05. Mondays are Free at the Hermetic Museum

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