Red House Painters albums to be reissued individually in August, right after you cracked the cellophane on the RSD boxed set!

Red House Painters albums to be reissued individually in August, right after you cracked the cellophane on the RSD boxed set!

A few months back, TMT shocked and awed the music world with its epic announcement that guitar strumming balladeer-extraordinaire Mark Kozelek’s Red House Painters project was gettin’ all its SHIT re-released as a vinyl box set for this year’s Record Store Day. The music press was rocked to its very foundations, and fans everywhere thronged to our site, which unfortunately caused it to temporarily crash and leak coolness onto the rest of the internet. It was kind of a mess. But pretty awesome, too.

But let’s face it: now that Record Store Day 2015 is in the freakin’ rearview and all the people who cared about that boxed set already bought it, that news is dumb. We need NEW news about Red House Painters. We deserve it. Don’t we? Oh, look! Here’s some: On August 14, each of those albums collected in the set — Down Colorful Hill, Red House Painters (Rollercoaster), Red House Painters (Bridge), and Ocean Beach (which has been reformatted as a double 12-inch LP to also include the Shock Me EP) — is being “reissued on individual black vinyl” by 4AD… after being out of print for the last 20 years! Hot damn. What a scoop! Also, shit, here’s hoping you didn’t buy the whole box last weekend just for one record!

But even if you did, here’s some motivation to spend more money collecting things you can’t take with you to your grave: the new reissues will include new liner notes by label biographer Martin Aston, exploring “the legacy of Red House Painters,” as well as some “unseen band photos, original press releases, and images of the demo cassette where Kozelek’s relationship with [4AD] began.” Whoa! More details can be found in more detail-oriented detail at the 4AD site, and interested parties can also pre-order them shits over there as well. Now, go forth and consume! Thanks Mark!

Down Colorful Hill tracklisting:

01. 24
02. Medicine Bottle
03. Japanese To English
04. Down Colorful Hill
05. Lord Kill The Pain
06. Michael

Red House Painters (Rollercoaster) tracklisting:

01. Grace Cathedral Park
02. Down Through
03. Katy Song
04. Mistress
05. Things Mean A Lot
06. Funhouse
07. Take Me Out
08. Rollercoaster
09. New Jersey
10. Dragonflies
11. Mistress (Piano Version)
12. Mother
13. Strawberry Hill
14. Brown Eyes

Red House Painters (Bridge) tracklisting:

01. Evil
02. Bubble
03. I Am A Rock
04. Helicopter
05. New Jersey
06. Uncle Joe
07. Blindfold
08. Star Spangled Banner

Ocean Beach  tracklisting:

01. Cabezon
02. Summer Dress
03. San Geronimo
04. Shadows
05. Over My Head
06. Red Carpet
07. Brockwell Park
08. Moments
09. Long Distance Runaround
10. Drop
11. Brockwell Park (Part Two)
12. Shock Me
13. Sundays And Holidays
14. Three Legged Cat
15. Shock Me (Acoustic)

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