Rosalía shares new song “Aute Cuture” with flamboyant video

Rosalía shares new song "Aute Cuture" with flamboyant video

Damn, it’s almost summer already? I seem to have misplaced all my summer jams in my extensive spring cleaning process… Oh thank god, here’s one just in time: a bubbly new hit from Spanish pop superstar Rosalía called “Aute Cuture.” So haute!

This new track has everything you need for the seasonal transition: an instantly jammable hook, flamenco flair, and a flashy new video with the classic Cinemascope aspect ratio! Here’s what Rosalía has to say about her latest:

“Aute Cuture” is the title: written incorrectly but with a sense of humor and strength. I wrote this song before going out to tour El Mal Querer and I have taken the time necessary so the song would come out with the best video to accompany it. Filled with claps, nail art, and a Tarantino vibe. Enjoy it and hopefully it’ll make you dance and laugh like it does me.

I’m doing it, I’m dancing and laughing!

Check out the video below (and be sure to turn up the volume because the song will be playing, too).

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