James Blake is *POSITIVELY DEFINITELY* releasing new album Assume Form this month!

James Blake is *POSITIVELY DEFINITELY* releasing new album Assume Form this month!
James Blake's LESS-blurry-than-usual face (Photo: Amanda Charchian)

You might remember seven [cold] days ago when we hit you with an unconfirmed-but-certainly-credible-and-up-to-accepted-journalistic-standards report that a certain Mr. James Woods, I mean: William Blake, I mean: James Blake was plotting the release of a new album titled Assume Form later this very [chilly] month.

Well, as it turns out, seven [freezing] days makes quite a difference in the music biz, because it’s finally been confirmed that Assume Form will assume form this month — NOT on January 25 as previously (and irresponsibly!!!) rumored, but on the much more attractive date of January 18. That’s seven [ostensibly not warm] days earlier!

Coming via Republic Records, Blake’s fourth studio album features ROSALÍA, André 3000, Travis Scott, Moses Sumney, and Metro Boomin (as previously and RESPONSIBLY rumored), as well as last year’s single “Don’t Miss It.” But it does not contain neither hide nor hair of 2018’s “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead” (so don’t miss THAT, either). Check out the full tracklisting (which you’ve definitely never seen before) below.

Pre-order links for Assume Form are conveniently (and responsibly) aggregated here. Just think: only eight more [likely painfully frigid] days until we get new Bucky O’Hare, er, I mean: James Blake!

Assume Form tracklisting:

01. Assume Form
02. Mile High (ft. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin)
03. Tell Them (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)
04. Into the Red
05. Barefoot In the Park (ft. ROSALÍA)
06. Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
07. Are You In Love?
08. Where’s the Catch? (ft. André 3000)
09. I’ll Come Too
10. Power On
11. Don’t Miss It
12. Lullaby for My Insomniac

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