Royal Trux announce first album in 15 years to help cover the sound of 2017’s farts

Royal Trux announce first album in 15 years to help cover the sound of 2017's farts
We're still on our own dealing with the smell, though.

Like two chemical elements — each stable in its own right, but positively deadly when combined — Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema had been separately doing their thang without ever combining their two formidable powers to create a “Cluster Fuck of Royal Trux” (n.b. this is an actual scientific term) for over a decade.

Then in 2015, Royal Trux re-united on stage and began to slowly expose live audiences to small doses of Royal Trux, slowly building our immunity to the Cluster Fuck until the right time - which is apparently RIGHT NOW - because Drag City has just announced that the first Royal Trux album in 15 years will be released on June 16.

“Hell. Fucking. Yeah.” you say.

…To which we nod sagely in agreement, tolerant of (and ever-so-slightly amused by) the casualness and exuberance of so much profanity.

The new album is called Platinum Tips + Ice Cream and is culled from two live recordings from last year in New York and Los Angeles. Being a “Cluster Fuck of Royal Trux” though (remember: this is science), it’s highly unlikely to consist of just two unadulterated live recordings (even though “two negatives make a positive;” again: science). In fact, Drag City has already promised that it’ll “conjure the early feral spirit of the band devouring the sophisticated sound of the later years and coughing up a motherfucking hairball of sound!”

To which we all say in unison: “Hell. Fucking. Yeah.”

If you want to slowly acclimate your body/mind/soul to the impending Cluster Fuck before it arrives, consider pre-ordering the album in one or more of its highly-potent formats, slowly reading and re-reading its tracklisting, doing air-squats and breathing exercises while watching old live footage of Royal Trux, or perhaps memorizing and reciting out-loud the current list of the band’s upcoming tour dates.

Platinum Tips + Ice Cream tracklisting:

01. Junkie Nurse
02. Sewers of Mars
03. Red Tiger
04. Sometimes
05. Mercury
06. Esso Dame
07. Deafer Than Blind
08. Waterpark
09. Platinum Tips
10. The Banana Question
11. Blue is the Frequency
12. Ice Cream

Trux Dates:

03.17.17 - Austin, Texas - Hotel Vegas
05.13.17 - Detroit, Michigan - El Club
05.28 .17- Manchester, United Kingdom - Victoria Warehouse
05.29.17 - Glasgow, United Kingdom - The Art School
05.30.17 - Bristol, United Kingdom - Marble Factory
05.31.17 - Brighton, United Kingdom - Concorde 2
06.01.17 - London, United Kingdom - Electric Ballroom
06.03.17 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound Festival
06.09.17 - Porto, Portugal - NOS Primavera
06.11.17 - Nimes, France - This Is Not A Love Song Festival

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