Royal Trux announce first new LP in 19 years, White Stuff, share title track

Royal Trux announce first new LP in 19 years, White Stuff, share title track

Happy January! Get your 2019 year-end lists ready.

After teaming up with Fat Possum last year, Jennifer Herrema and Neil Hagerty have returned with their first new album as Royal Trux since 2000’s Pound for Pound! (Nope, that 2017 live album doesn’t count, even though we wanted you to think it did at the time…sorry.)

As you might expect, the duo’s reformation has been just about as casual, fluid, and low-stakes as their slovenly thrift-shop noise-rock would suggest. “Nothing has changed within the Truxian universe we created for ourselves as teenagers,” Says Herrema, “because Trux is and will always be our way of life whether living it together or separate…This is no hobby rock kick. We are long game lifers with no fear, no regrets and plenty of gratitude for the way the universe has rewarded our singular dynamic.”

White Stuff is officially due March 1, and the announcement comes “stuffed” with the release of a brand new single “White Stuff,” which you can click-on and lick-Oreo-Cookies-to down below! This titular track follows the recently shared “Every Day Swan” and “Get Used To This” (featuring Kool Keith).

Once your’re done catching up, pre-order the album from Fat Possum here on your choice of CD or vinyl to receive an adorable free Royal Trux travel-size cocaine mirror…uh, I mean, thrift-store faux-fir coat…uh, I mean, t-shirt.

The White Stuff:

01. White Stuff
02. Year Of The Dog
03. Purple Audacity #2
04. Suburban Junky Lady
05. Shows and Tags
06. Get Used To This
07. Sic ‘Em Slow
08. Every Day Swan
09. Whopper Dave
10. Purple Audacity #1
11. Under Ice

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