The Royal Trux reunion you always dreamed of is nigh!

The Royal Trux reunion you always dreamed of is nigh!

Pinch yourself — you’re not dreaming. This is actually happening: Royal Trux are getting back together.

Sure, neither Jen Herrema nor Neil Hagerty stopped creating music, but like drinking a Long Island Iced Tea in its separate composite parts, it all tastes good and gives you a buzz, but it’s not as good as slamming down a real deal Long Island Iced Tea.

Royal Trux have so far only announced one appearance, which will be on August 16, closing out the final night of the Beserktown II festival in Los Angeles. But you know how these things work; once the sweet gravy train starts rolling, we can expect more dates and perhaps an album to be coming down the line.

Drag City’s announcement is a pretty accurate depiction of our excitement of this news, so here it is in full:

Genesis! Succession! Secession! Re-evolution! Generations! Boom and Bust! The Day After! Next Time! But Royal Trux weren’t thinking about one single place in time - no, they saw ALL of them instead - all the kids from all the times, all the phases, all the eras, waves and other plays of rock and roll in a non-chronological, non-denominational mass. Because Royal Trux was the way IN for all of us. Now we were ALL a part of history. (Yes, even the dumbshit haters. They only make Royal Trux sound BETTER to us!) Theirs were records that were gonna sound as good in 20 years as they did today - BETTER even! Because they had one boot in the past and other one somewhere up around the bend - which was giving all of us in the present an unbelievable CROTCH SHOT. Yeah - even back then, we WERE actually believing in this very day, seeing it from our crouched position in the waning hours of the CLASSIC past. We all saw THE LEGEND - which is what everyone at *Berserktown* will be queued up for on August 16th, when Royal Trux take the stage for the first time since the year 2000!!!!! It’s been said it would never happen again - that it never should! YEAH. These are just two of the reasons it HAD to. And there were a few other reasons too….like zero, zero, zero and zero - heard of ‘em? Well, surely you’ve heard that if you’re gonna do it again, do it right, right? RIGHT.

And here’s the kid that had the stones to lay it down and ensure that Neil AND Jennifer will rock again for at least one earth night longer.

And beyond that? Man, the future is UNKNOWABLE - but there’s a few things that we’ve never minded envisioning. And they’re always Royal Trux.

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