Royal Trux reissue Hand of Glory; have you opened your heart yet to RTX?

Royal Trux reissue Hand of Glory; have you opened your heart yet to RTX?

It might not be the second coming of our Lord and Savior (or isssss it?!?!?), but damn does this Royal Trux reunion got a lot of people excited. They’ve got a FEVER, a FEVER that can only be slaked by the reissue of more Royal Trux material. Well, my children, Drag City hears your desperate pleas to heaven. Drag City knows your suffering. And that is why Drag City has decided to gift you with Hand of Glory, a 1989-90-era snapshot of Royal Truxiana, in the form of long-lost, forgotten TAPES.

Originally planned to follow the release of the “Hero Zero”/”Love Is” 7-inch, Hand has those special “Royal Trux Just Moved to SF” vibes… just with a dusty patina of its sexy recent unearthing. Recent-ish, maybe. For, you see, in 2000 or 2001, Neil Hagerty went to visit his family in Virginia, where his dad was like “Son, whatever could you be a-storing in that mysteeeeerious locked trunk you’ve been a-keeping in the basement?” (I’m paraphrasing here.) What was inside was… Hand of Glory, with a complete and mixed “Domo des Burros” but with “The Boxing Story” on a handful of 1/4” reels that were all meant to be played simultaneously on different tape machines. Fortunately, Drag City had the original artwork just sittin’ around in their Raiders of the Lost Ark-style storehouses, and the whole package was released in 2002. And now, once again, it can be yours come August 28, when Drag City reissues it in all its, er, glory.

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