RP Boo, footwork pioneer, to release Legacy on Planet Mu

RP Boo, footwork pioneer, to release Legacy on Planet Mu

If you want to hear the main difference between juke and footwork, check out this mix:

At 2:45, you’ll hear a track called “Baby Come On,” a proto-footwork but exemplary juke track that thuds and syncopates in a manner not unlike Chicago ghetto house of the mid-to-late 90s. Compare that to the track at 15:10, “Heavy Heat” (a.k.a. “11-47-99”), which has since become known as the pioneering template for footwork tracks, a sort of monkey wrench in the history of Chicago dance music. Two strands of Chicago house, two wildly different sounds, one producer: RP Boo (a.k.a. Arpebu a.k.a. Kavain W. Space). The kicker? Both of them were made over a decade before Planet Mu released its first footwork comp and helped launch a worldwide obsession.

Now that I’ve 100% proven RP Boo’s “authenticity” and “historical relevance,” perhaps you’ll be glad to know that RP Boo is releasing his own Planet Mu full-length called Legacy. While RP Boo was featured on both Planet Mu comps — including the aforementioned “Heavy Heat” — this time he’s got 14 tracks in which to showcase/show-off/shower us with his suspenseful (“Steamidity”), minimal (“Invisibu Boogie!”), vocal sample-heavy (“The Opponent”), and geographically rooted (“Area 72”) style of footwork.

Check out Legacy when it drops May 13 via Planet Mu, and if you see RP Boo at a party, ask him when he decided to cop Young Smoke’s style. It’ll be so funny!

Legacy tracklist:

01. Steamidity
02. Invisibu Boogie!
03. Red Hot
04. There U’Go Boi
05. Battle In The Jungle
06. The Opponent
07. 187 Homicide
08. Speakers R-4 (Sounds)
09. Havoc Devastation
10. No Return
11. Robotbutizm
12. Sentimental
13. What’Cha-Gonna Du
14. Area 72

• Arpebu: https://soundcloud.com/arpebu
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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