RP Boo brings the fight, readies Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints

RP Boo brings the fight, readies Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints

We all know about footwork. Über-rhythmic, neck-breakingly fast, charmingly slapdash in execution; this is fight music, placed squarely at the forefront of a physical battle. We also know about RP Boo, and you most certainly don’t need me to tell you about his revered standing within the ever-expanding footwork universe. But here’s somethin’ new: he has a new album forthcoming on Planet Mu, called Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints. Tight!

The hallmarks of Boo’s sound — twisted vocal cuts and assimilative sampledelia — were resonant with footworkers, global audiences, and TMTers alike on 2013’s Legacy, as well as the recently-released Classics Vol. 1, so word of this latest set from one of the genre’s finest comes as very welcome news indeed. And with track titles like “Freezaburn” and “B’Ware,” you know the heat is gonna be certifiably on come June 29. Boo’s bringin’ the fight, and it’s all on you to last the rounds.

Fingers, Bank Pads and Shoe Prints tracklisting:

01. 1-2D-20’2
02. Bang’n on King Dr
03. Your Choice
04. Freezaburn
05. Heat From Us
06. Kemosabe
07. Finish Line D’jayz
08. Daddy’s Home
09. Let’s Dance Again
10. Sleepy
11. I’m Laughing
12. Beat Me
13. Suicide
14. B’Ware

• RP Boo: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arpebu/103143339724320
• Planet Mu: http://www.planet.mu

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