Ryan Adams announces new album Prisoners, shares new song

Ryan Adams announces new album Prisoners, shares new song

He is risen! Ryan Adams has announced a new album, Prisoners, which will be out February 17, 2017. Tonight, he dropped its first single, “Do You Still Love Me?,” a good rock & roll song with many of the major staples of the genre: organ, guitars, singing, drums, some bass. Adams has played with many great bands over the course of his career, from Whiskeytown and multiple configurations of the Cardinals to what is now The Shining 2.0, which sees the addition of Benny Yurco from Grace Potter and The Nocturnals. The Shining 2.0 is the continuation of his best band yet, The Shining (retrospectively, 1.0). If this track is any indication of the upcoming album, it’s going to rock pretty solidly, maintaining the 1980s neon vibe trajectory of 1989 and Ryan Adams.

2017 is looking pretty rad so far. Rock ‘n roll forever!

Prisoners tracklist:

01. Do You Still Love Me?
02. Prisoner
03. Doomsday
04. Haunted House
05. Shiver and Shake
06. To Be Without You
07. Anything I Say To You Now
08. Breakdown
09. Outbound Train
10. Broken Anyway
11. Tightrope
12. We Disappear

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