Saltland’s new album A Common Truth on Constellation might be the soundtrack for the first 100 days

Saltland's new album A Common Truth on Constellation might be the soundtrack for the first 100 days
Photo: Hrair Hratchian

Canadian cellist Rebecca Foon has two great passions: cello (obviously), which she has used to cement herself in the Montreal music scene as a member of A Silver Mt Zion, Set Fire to Flames, and Esmerine as well as collaborations with Colin Stetson; and climate change, which she has been passionately advocating for since before most people suspected it was a problem as a member of Sustainability Solutions Group and Pathways to Paris.

She’s the kind of person that Trump would call “FAKE!” or “SAD!” That is, the kind of person we need right now.

Saltland, Foon’s solo project, is now set to release her second album via Constellation called A Common Truth, and as you might have guessed, it’s an album devoted to climate justice. The album features the unique talents of Warren Ellis (Dirty Three, Bad Seeds) on the four instrumental passages on the album.

Described as an album in which “Foon unfolds an atmosphere and pace that allows for the coexistence of optimism and despair, resolve and resignation, the intimacy of the local/personal and the hope of the global/collective,” A Common Truth could very well be the soundtrack of 2017.

You can pre-order it now or wait until March 31 when it will hit the shelves of all FAKE NEWS retailers.

A Common Truth tracklist:

01. To Allow Us To Breathe
02. Under My Skin
03. I Only Wish This For You
04. Light Of Mercy
05. Forward Eyes I
06. Magnolia
07. This Other Place
08. A Common Truth
09. Forward Eyes II

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