School of Seven Bells Reduced to 4.66 Bells

School of Seven Bells Reduced to 4.66 Bells

School of Seven Bells have, for years, been the three-piece of Ben Curtis and twin sisters Claudia and Alejandra Deheza. So if there are three people in the band and seven bells to distribute between them, we can deduce that each of them constitutes 2.33 bells (this is a rounded decimal, as the precise number is actually two-and-one-third bells, which written in decimal form repeats endlessly, but since this is a music website and not a math website, I’m hoping you guys will let me slide on this one). Thanks, elementary school! More accurately: thanks, my calculator.

Anyway, SVIIB recently posted on their Facebook page that Claudia has left the group, citing “personal reasons.” They plan to continue writing and touring as a duo and will not cancel any of their upcoming tourdates supporting Disconnect From Desire (TMT Review) on Vagrant Records. More importantly, though, this lineup change means I expect all of my fellow music writers to now abbreviate the band’s name as SIV.LXVIB (IV.LXVI being my appropriation of 4.33 into Roman numerals). Accuracy is important, so hop to it!

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