Scott Walker (!) plays nicely with Sia (?) to co-score new film Vox Lux

Scott Walker (!) plays nicely with Sia (?) to co-score new film Vox Lux
Natalie Portman in Vox Lux. (Photo: TIFF)

It’s finally here: the quintessential collab of 2018 that will once and for all bring peace to the bitter conflicts between the warriors of both the avant-garde and radio pop factions of contemporary pop culture. We’ve had dreams — nay, premonitions — foretelling us of this hallowed union, of the divine movie director Brady Corbet and his new film Vox Lux starring the sacred apostles Natalie Portman and Jude Law, which will braid together the dual powers of Scott Walker and Sia as they provide the film’s righteous score and soundtrack. Who knows what glory awaits when their respective Twitter stan communities join hands in the holy light of the cinema?

According to The Guardian, Vox Lux stars Portman, who, looking like a whole Black Swan, plays “a pop star trying to balance her career with motherhood.” Although the involvement of Scott Walker (who also scored the director’s 2015 debut, The Childhood of a Leader) is news (which is why we’re here), Sia had previously been announced as attached to the project. Hey, this is, like, a million times better than news that Governor Scott Walker is collaborating with the Securities Industry Association or something!

Vox Lux is premiering at this year’s 75th Venice Film Festival on September 4, followed by a handful of screenings at the Toronto International Film Festival in the following weeks. (If you’re going to the former, don’t neglect to tell me how amazing Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria [scored by Thom Yorke] is.) Now go shake a poptimist’s hand!

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