Second Woman tap Jlin and Fluxion for E/P, Spectrum Spools album coming in April

Second Woman tap Jlin and Fluxion for E/P, Spectrum Spools album coming in April

The first official release of a more dedicated collaboration between Turk Dietrich (Belong) and Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) emerged following a friendship initiated around the dawn of the millennium, and like the ultimately baseless fear that our increasingly tech-based society would collapse as soon as the clock hit midnight on 01/01/2000, we shouldn’t assume that our home electronics might suddenly become self-aware in conjunction with Second Woman’s upcoming “opus.” Their debut on Spectrum Spools last year was evidence of chaos contained within, and what’s more, their just-announced EP is being billed as a four-track preview of the duo’s major work to come in April. So, even if that major work does end up causing your toaster to summon bagels which it ends up hurling at you while you’re sleeping, at least you’ll have ample time to prepare.

The EP named for its album type is out January 27 on Spectrum Spools. There’s hint of a change in style via the track below, though it’s possible that Jlin’s direct involvement may have skewed things toward the screwed footwork style that has recently earned the Gary-born producer an onslaught of props. Dub techno artist and former Echocord mainstay Fluxion is credited with the EP’s second remix.

Pre-orders are available here. The release is digital-only, by the way.

E/P tracklisting:

01. I E/P
02. II E/P
03. VII (Jlin Version)
04. CC (Fluxion Version)

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