SETH (James K with Gobby) seth to make brief sethlement on 1080p with new album

SETH (James K with Gobby) seth to make brief sethlement on 1080p with new album

In order to move on from a bad roommate experience, getting a studio apartment helps. Or you can choose to immediately surround yourself with people who you can stand, so that prior explanations as to why the shared fridge was leaking a rainbow of fluids can be confirmed as pure bunk by actual sane human beings.

One of those sane human beings is musician and vocalist James K (Jamie Krasner), an eccentric New York producer who has chosen Gobby as continued comfort company following the recent release of The Roommate under his new Monkeybone alias. Gobby himself confirmed that the Monkeybone album was a musical recollection of a “horrible roommate,” so now that he’s completed his reminiscing of a nightmare (via self-described “noisy techno”), it’s time for some genuine closure in the form of a new mini-album from SETH, the still-burgeoning collaboration between the two congenial artists.

Chick on the Moon marked SETH’s debut back in 2013, and This Is True (Sunseth) will mark their sophomore effort overall, but their first release on the Vancouver-based 1080p. It comes out on cassette and via digital download June 2, at which point we can fulfill our ongoing expectations of something otherworldly. Take us to a parallel place with your many vocals, James K.

This Is True (Sunseth) tracklisting:

02. SlimDu
03. METH FACE (I Can’t Wait)
05. REST NOW (Surrender)
06. 13th Street Tranyslvania

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