Sharon Van Etten announces deluxe version of first album, giving fans a rare, fleeting moment of happiness

Sharon Van Etten announces deluxe version of first album, giving fans a rare, fleeting moment of happiness
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It’s been a big year for sadness, and so it follows that it’s been a big year for Sharon Van Etten, too. Three years after 2014’s Are We There? the Jersey songwriter has stepped back a smidgen from her heartbreaking singer/songwriter-ing about love and turmoil and has been filling out her TV resume. But now, as a reminder to fans that she still knows how to pull out their still-beating hearts and bludgeon them with a splintery two-by-four, she’s reissuing a deluxe edition of her first album. Just like it was before, (it was) because i was in love will once again be available everywhere (but deluxe this time!) on November 17.

“It was an innocent and beautiful record, which some of my newer fans may not even know about,” Van Etten said about the new reissue, which directly follows her feature on Wally Brando’s latest pop single. “This seemed like the perfect time to remix and remaster it, and give it a new life.”

Apart from giving a knockout Roadhouse performance for Twin Peaks: The Return, Van Etten popped up last year as Sarah in the Netflix original show, The OA. There of course she plays a character who was gifted with a supernaturally perfect signing voice — touché, PR team. OA fans may notice that the first song on the newly reissued record is “I Wish I Knew,” which she sings in the show’s third episode.

Hey. Wipe away those tears so you can finish this article please!

Besides, you won’t want to miss your chance to pre-order the enticingly alliterative “Deluxe Digital Edition,” do you? Below you can listen to a track from the reissue if you’d like. If not, we understand. There’s so much sadness out there already. Maybe come back to it when you’re feeling a bit stronger?

(it was) because i was in love Deluxe Digital Edition MultiMegaTracklisting:

01. I Wish I Knew
02. Consolation Prize
03. For You
04. I Fold
05. Have You Seen
06. Tornado
07. Much More Than That
08. Same Dream
09. Keep
10. It’s Not Like
11. Holding Out
12. I’m Giving Up On You *
13. You Didn’t Really Do That *

* bonus tracks

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