Shilpa Ray announces tour dates with Man Man, Murder By Death, Sun Ra Arkestra

Shilpa Ray announces tour dates with Man Man, Murder By Death, Sun Ra Arkestra

Say, fellow traveler, welcome to my general store. Please feel free to gaze upon my wares. Your road-weary feet and furrowed brow speak the volumes that your mouth does not; you are on the run. It is with great regret that I have not much to offer you in the form of respite, for mine is a humble home with but a few secret passages, all of which are sadly occupied at the moment. I can, however, offer you a word of advice: keep your eye on the horizon and head due west, and you may yet find safety among Shilpa Ray and her followers.

Ah, yes, you’ve heard her name. Perhaps because of the vicious blues punk blast of her recently released missive Last Year’s Savage or perhaps because you, weary traveler, keep your ears pressed tightly to the damp earth. However way, please take this tattered palimpsest. Among its vagaries you may eventually interpret her tour dates with the likes of Murder By Death, Man Man, and Sun Ra Arkestra out from the scrawl. Be quick about it; we know neither the day nor the hour when our pursuers will find us.

Lastly, before you leave, drink deep on this tonic. From its flavor may you be granted visions of the music video for “Johnny Thunders Fantasy Space Camp,” and may you find it invigorating. Godspeed!


06.14.15 - Brooklyn, NY - Rough Trade $
07.08.15 - Charlottesville, VA - The Southern @
07.10.15 - Pawtucket, RI - The Met @
07.11.15 - New Haven, CT - Cafe 9 @
07.12.15 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground Showcase Lounge @
07.31.15 - Uptown Kingston, NY - BSP &
09.03.15 - Atlanta, GA - Aisle 5 %
09.04.15 - New Orleans, LA - Gasa Gasa %
09.05.15 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live Studio %
09.08.15 - Tuscon, AZ - Club Congress %
09.09.15 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah %
09.10.15 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room %
09.11.15 - Los Angeles, CA - Echoplex %
09.12.15 - Fresno, CA - Strummer’s %
09.13.15 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent %
09.14.15 - Petaluma, CA - Lagunitas Brewing Company %
09.15.15 - Eugene, OR - WOW Hall %
09.16.15 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre %
09.17.15 - Vancouver, BC - Blueprint %
09.18.15 - Seattle, WA - Neumos %

! Relaxer, Blaka Watra
# TJ Kong
$ Sun Ra Arkestra, PC Worship
@ Murder By Death
% Man Man
& Chain And The Gang

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