Shit and Shine offers dog cameos, releases Some People Really Know How To Live on Editions Mego

Shit and Shine offers dog cameos, releases Some People Really Know How To Live on Editions Mego
The lines between "man" and "bunny" are forever blurred.

Even among listeners whom already have demonstrably “open-minds” when it comes to experimental music, the recorded output of Texas-born, London-based noise mangler Craig Clouse can be a little…divisive. Gone are the days in which Clouse’s Shit and Shine project simply enthralled us with manic, noise-rock songs that suddenly made “Tom” your explicable favorite first name; because recently, he’s been mining a new vein of mutated dance tracks (albeit still percussion-addled ones). Listen to the 2015 release Everybody’s a Fuckin Expert, for instance, and it still sounds like “drums” are the centerpiece from which all things originate (like some ineffable Abrahamic God…or a street performer who’s, like, super good at juggling), but orbiting that cosmic centerpierce are chaotic satellites of minimalist electronics. Two years later, what new, unholy mutations can we expect from the shape-shifting likes of Shit and Shine? (You are asking this, yeeeeees?!?)

For your answer, please acquaint yourself with Shit and Shine’s newest — and perhaps least readily-apprehend-able — release on Editions Mego, Some People Really Know How To Live, which just came out on vinyl and via digital download. Judging by the album’s first two genuinely batshit singles, Clouse’s latest experiments are out there to an extent that the even the word “danceable” appears only in the blurry, darkened distance, shrouded by bushes. But don’t take my word for it. Plunge off the deep and and listen to the tracks “Notified” and “Blick Von Der Berg” below. Then, one you’re out there, snag the whole album right over here.

Some People Really Know How To Live tracklisting:

01. Behind You Back
02. Dish 2 Dish
03. Lil Wannabe Gangsta
04. Raining Horses
05. South Padre Low Life
06. Notified
07. Man Bunny
08. Blick Von Der Berg
09. Girl Close Your Eyes
10. The Crocodile

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