Simian Mobile Disco release new album Unpatterns on May 15 and WE’VE got an exclusive fake video

Simian Mobile Disco release new album Unpatterns on May 15 and WE'VE got an exclusive fake video

Simian Mobile Disco have an “album” coming out on Wichita Recordings May 15, if their press release is to be believed. The album, Unpatterns, is “brand-new,” and the band is “proud to announce” its release. Fans of Simian Mobile Disco should look forward to “huge fun” that is “completely of the now,” according to the next bit of this press release. The first single, “Seraphim,” will be “released” on April 9.

Now please check out what should have been the promotional video for Unpatterns but was instead left to be found by me searching YouTube for “disco ape”:

Unpatterns tracklisting:

01. I Waited for You
02. Cerulean
o3. Seraphim
04. A Species Out of Control
05. Interference
06. Put Your Hands Together
07. The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife
08. Your Love Ain’t Fair
09. Pareidolia
10. Everyday (iTunes only, SUCKERS)


03.23.12 - Miami, FL - Fixed - The Vegabond
03.25.12 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Samsung Studio
03.29.12 - Mexico City, Mexico - Auditorio las Americas
03.30.12 - Santiago, Chile - Lollapalooza Chile
03.31.12 - Bogota, Colombia - Teatro Faenza
04.21.12 - London, UK - Village Underground

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