Sludgy supergroup Shimmer emerge from the depths, premiere punky single, ooze out on tour

Sludgy supergroup Shimmer emerge from the depths, premiere punky single, ooze out on tour
Photo: Shimmer

Like some gremlins crawling out from a century’s waste, Shimmer emerge from the crust. They’re spouting bursts of monstrous fury. They’re hellbent on revenge. Shimmer’s sound is a new corporeal horror with a headline that pops. Their sleek metallic attire is capable of momentarily blinding onlookers who do not heed their riffs and howls as warning.

With members common to Tredici Bacci, Palberta, The Cradle, Old Maybe, and Cloud Becomes Your Hand (the latter two having received glowing reviews from us in the past), Shimmer inherits the darkest elements from classic no wave, Load Records-style noise rock, and the contemporary art punk, all of which have frothed and bubbled and fermented into a frightening, relentless debut. Good for fans of Dawn of Humans, The Coneheads, Macula Dog, Guerilla Toss, Prissy Whip, Yowie, and Woolf.

Their self-titled album will be unleashed September 8 on the Drop Medium label, following their first tour. Shimmer’s ten constituent tracks are a real trip that one song can only tell you so much about, but check out “High Gloss” below, and if you live along the east coast of the states, catch a set along the road. Oh, and pre-order here…if you can take it.

Shimmer tracklisting:

01. Enter Shimmer
02. High Gloss
03. Hold It
04. Crystal Listerine
05. Heavenly/ Not Fade Away
06. Pose 1, 2 3
07. Let Em’ Know
08. Okay’s Lament
09. Sixteen Sides
10. Do It Dead

Shimmer on tour:

08.15 Atlanta, GA - The Mammal Gallery
08.16 Chapel Hill, NC - Nightlight
08.17 Harrisonburg, VA - Little Grill Collective
08.18 Baltimore, MD - The Crown

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