Solange reveals her new album will be out “this fall,” sooooo very soon?

Solange reveals her new album will be out "this fall," sooooo very soon?
Photo: Philip Cosores

Solange’s A Seat at the Table was a bonafide highlight of 2016. The Harvard Foundation’s 2018 Artist of the Year has kept pretty plenty busy ever since with various performance art pieces and installations, yet there has not been much to report on with regards to a follow-up record. In 2018 though, we should know better that no news means some news is likely just around the bend.

Case in point, in a new interview with T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Solange revealed that the release of her next album is “imminent, this fall, probably sometime soon.”

Hmm. Hey, wait a minute, it’s “this fall” today!

If history is any indication, this new Solange album might be out by the end of the week. Or, if we keep wasting time here, it could be out…right now!…

Okay, so not right now, but…

how about… now?


Well, whenever “probably sometime soon” ends up being, Solange assures us that her new album will materialize in our universe, “fully formed, at some mysterious and unexpected moment, like a meteor cratering into the culture,” with a sound that has “a lot of jazz at the core, but with electronic and hip-hop drum and bass because I want it to bang and make your trunk rattle.”

Keep those eyes peeled and ears to the ground! And go listen to A Seat at the Table if you somehow haven’t yet! HYPE TRAIN: ENGAGE.

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