Icelandic “dream team” (Sóley + Sin Fang + Örvar Smárason) teams up for Team Dreams collab on Morr Music

Icelandic "dream team" (Sóley + Sin Fang + Örvar Smárason) teams up for Team Dreams collab on Morr Music

In an (admittedly kinda left-field) effort to make all of your adolescent fantasies come true, Berlin-based Morr Music recently announced that Seabear bandmates Sóley and Sin Fang have teamed up with Örvar Smárason (Múm, FM Belfast) on a collab LP called Team Dreams.

The idea for the record originally fell to Sin Fang, who was apparently biding on the fact that his latest solo album took nearly two years to write and record: “Spaceland took a really long time to make… so I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be fun to write a song and release it the day after?’ I talked to Örvar and Sóley, and we all agreed to make a song in three days every month.” Wow. Leave it to a trio of Icelanders to totally flip the script on the time-honored indie-pop (folk-synth?) recording process. (My apologies, I have no idea how to genre-cize these guys’ music).

Either way, the resultant record — even though it was far from a seamless process — manages to brilliantly oscillate between Sin Fang’s trademark pop anthems, Sóley’s ethereal, “fantasy-tinged songscapes,” and Örvar’s auditory translation of the human emotive spectrum. For Sóley, the project’s foundation was all about freedom, and taking a welcome risk: “I thought it was a great idea when Sindri (Sin Fang) asked if I wanted to join [on the] collaboration. I thought the idea of not being stuck to one sound or genre was really interesting … It might work, or it might not.” Well, judging by what we’ve heard so far, Sóley, it worked all right.

Team Dreams is set to drop worldwide on January 19 in CD, digital, and 2xLP formats. Check out the most recent track “The Sun Will Go Out” below, and pre-order the album here…preferably before the sun goes out.

Team Dreams tracklisting:

01. Random Haiku Generator
02. Love Will Leave You Cold
03. Wasted
04. Black Screen
05. Slowly
06. Citrus Light
07. Tennis
08. Space
09. Used And Confused
10. Go To Sleep Boy
11. The Sun Will Go Out
12. Dream Team Party Kids

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