SOPHIE announces tour of his physical appearance, delivers new track “Lemonade” directly to your tongue

SOPHIE announces tour of his physical appearance, delivers new track "Lemonade" directly to your tongue

“Lemonade”!? Maybe it’s time that someone made an official comment on the human fetish for pitch-shifted vocals short of the threshold set by Alvin & The Chipmunks. Moreover, maybe it’s time we stop giving retrospective hate to Aqua, who at the very least mainstreamed the idea of having inanimate love interests (my personal reading), a feat that would’ve been much more difficult had Lene Nystrøm’s vocals not been upped to the point of bursting appeal. Repetition might’ve had the tendency to gnaw, but don’t bother trying to deny the song’s initial catchiness and the fact that your blonde wig ownership was designed to increase empathy with Barbie’s jubilant mindset. Don’t!

SOPHIE’s got something slightly different going on here with new track “Lemonade.” The vocal samples scream “bubblegum,” but they’re also hoisted over a layer of minimal, bass-y, and poppy beats. Seeing him live a few months ago brought more hard electronics than I was prepared for, and you know his breakthrough song “Bipp,” the track (of 2013) that basically spurned my ticket purchase in the first place? Deliberately omitted from the set! Just keep that in mind in case you’re keen on catching the red-haired producer at any of his upcoming shows (a few of which are already sold out). The lemonade’s free, though, and it’s mixed with some chocolate here.


08.02.14 - London, UK - Visions Festival
08.08.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia * [Sold Out]
08.09.14 - Palm Springs, CA - Hacienda Beach Club’s Splash House Festival
08.09.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia * [Sold Out]
08.11.14 - Los Angeles, CA - Club Nokia * @ [Sold Out]
08.31.14 - Glasgow, UK - The Last Big Weekend !
09.06.14 - Long Island, NY - MoMA PS1 Warm Up #
09.12.14 - Dallas, TX - Gorilla vs Bear IV at Granada Theater %

* Flume
@ The Range
! curated by Numbers and Optimo
# Evian Christ, Lone, Forest Swords
% Panda Bear, Ejecta, Doss, Blues Control

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