Spectrum Spools double your pleasure, fun with dual releases from Max Eilbacher and Steve Moore on December 16

Spectrum Spools double your pleasure, fun with dual releases from Max Eilbacher and Steve Moore on December 16

Spectrum Spools is planning two releases on the same day on December 16, which leaves plenty of time for either (or both!) to become confusing Winter Solstice gifts for grandma. The first is Steve Moore’s Pangaea Ultima. Moore’s been all up in the solo synth game for a while, such as on his 2011 Moon Glyph release, but this is his Spectrum Spools debut. Taking its title from a possible future “super-continent” predicted by geologists, the album goes whole hog on the subject of time and space being artificial human constructs, and carries with it a surgeon general’s warning that close listening may result in “transformation into a formless blob that exists outside of the space-time continuum.” With mastering by Rashad Becker and artwork by Robert Beatty, you can be sure that is some serious synth-business. If you’ve got your serious synth-business-suit on, feel free to preorder it here, or listen to “Deep Time” below.

The second release is from Max Eilbacher. And whaddaya know, it’s another debut! Though Eilbacher has played with groups like Matmos and Horse Lords for some time, he’s not yet put out a collection of solo material. This debut, Red Anxiety Tracers, is the product of a year-long effort editing together found and synthesized sounds. It doesn’t carry the surgeon general’s warning like Moore’s record, but your gym teacher wanted me to let you know it’s been described as an “audio obstacle course” so you should probably bring your knee pads. When you’re adequately covered in pads, check out a video preview of the record below (or listen to the “No Room For Breathing” excerpt on the Spectrum Spools SoundCloud) and preorder it here.

Pangaea Ultima tracklisting:

01. Endless Caverns
02. Planetwalk
03. Deep Time
04. Nemesis
05. Pangaea Ultima
06. Logoton
07. Aphelion
08. Endless Mountains
09. Worldbuilding

Red Anxiety Tracers tracklisting:

01. Slowlo / Persistent Scenes / Did the Surfer Survive?
02. (Intro) / Geetar / No Room For Breathing / Rail Trax

• Steve Moore: http://stevemoore2600.tumblr.com
• Max Eilbacher: https://twitter.com/420_horchata
• Spectrum Spools: http://editionsmego.com/releases/spectrum-spools

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