Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is turning 10 10 10 10 10 with double-vinyl reissue this October

Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is turning 10 10 10 10 10 with double-vinyl reissue this October

Hey. LISTEN UP, all you glue-sniffing vaporware punks and delinquent footwork upstarts! Much like James Hurley, Spoon is still cool…in fact, SPOON has ALWAYS BEEN COOL.

And, lest some errant “hot thought” makes you forget that stone-cold FACT here in 2017, the stalwart defenders of capital-I Indie Rock over at Merge Records will fucking PROVE IT to you with the announcement of a snazzy, deluxe, 2-LP, 10th anniversary edition of the album that cemented the Austin-based “rock” band’s COOLNESS once-and-for-all back in the day: the inimitable motherfucking “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.

I mean, seriously; WHO THE HELL ARE YOU not to appreciate this landmark record…made with real instruments…on magnetic tape machines…by Britt Daniel, Jim Eno, and…uh, you know, some other guys??? Nobody; that’s who. Keep reading.

In addition to the complete studio album — fully remastered by Howie Weinberg — the new 10th anniversary package features the rare-AF, 12-track Get Nice! EP— and both albums have been lovingly, painstakingly hand carved, ONE GROOVE AT A TIME, onto 180-gram vinyl mined from an asteroid in outer space by super-intelligent robots and packaged “in a gatefold jacket with updated art.” It’s just crazy.

Also, if you pre-order the reissue from Merge’s webstore, you can get this sweet t-shirt thrown in “at a $5 bundle discount.” (See, back in 2007, people used to walk around wearing t-shirts with band names printed on them and jeans instead of yoga pants and Under Amour “athleisure-ware” like they do here in “the future.”)

So, get those orders in today, ya little punks. Also, please check out this amazing smattering of Spoon-related info-tainment that I gathered up for you. IT TOOK ME A LONG TIME.

Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga tracklisting:

01. Don’t Make Me a Target
02. The Ghost of You Lingers
03. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
04. Don’t You Evah
05. Rhthm & Soul
06. Eddie’s Ragga
07. The Underdog
08. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
09. Finer Feelings
10. Black Like Me

Get Nice tracklisting:

01. I Got Mine
02. Be Still My Servant
03. Leave Your Effects Where They’re Easily Seen
04. I Summon You (Cool)
05. Mean Mad Margaret
06. Love Makes You Feel
07. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
08. Tasty Fish
09. Dracula’s Cigarette
10. 1975
11. I Can Feel It Fade Like An AM Single
12. Curfew Tolls

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