Steve Gunn, John Truscinski, Cian Nugent announce new LP as Desert Heat, land prestigious diaper endorsement deal

Steve Gunn, John Truscinski, Cian Nugent announce new LP as Desert Heat, land prestigious diaper endorsement deal

I bet you thought that all Steve Gunn, John Truscinski, and Cian Nugent knew about was “guitars” and “complicated drumming patterns.” Wrong! They also know an awful lot about the various ways in which infants shit themselves. And they better, what with their recently announced full-length album/diaper endorsement deal entitled Cat Mask in Huggie Temple, brought to you by the waste-absorbing fabrics of Huggies® diapers and MIE Music.

Recorded in part on the hallowed ground of the Temple of the Diaper, Cat Mask in Huggie Temple is the first official release to feature the collaborative work of these three men as Desert Heat (a phrase which doubles as a band name and an evocative description of babies’ butts when covered in Huggies® diapers). These three men have worked alone in the past, with Steve Gunn releasing his solo album Time Off (TMT Review) just earlier this year, and Nugent’s 2011 release of Doubles. And of course, Gunn and Truscinski have collaborated in the aptly named Gunn-Truscinski Duo many times before. But only on the occasion of this prestigious diaper endorsement deal have they recorded a full-length together. Consisting of two extended tracks, Cat Mask in Huggie Temple stretches long, semi-improvised, psychedelic- and raga-influenced jams to their limits, showing these men to be just as flexible as the waistbands on Huggies® diapers.

The album, which comes in a limited vinyl edition of 350, is out September 3 on MIE Music, distributed in the US by Revolver. If you’re in the UK or are an American willing to pay in squiggles instead of cash, you can also preorder it right now direct from MIE. According to this infant I just found, it’s “the most delightful thing I’ve heard since I became a sentient being.” I bet you didn’t know infants could talk. They can’t. Shut up.

Cat Mask in Huggie Temple tracklist:

01. Cat Mask in Huggie Temple
02. Chimay Blues

• Steve Gunn:
• Cian Nugent:
• Gunn-Truscinski Duo:
• MIE Music:

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