Steve Hauschildt succumbs to the Sandman’s strict orders, announces new album Where All Is Fled

Steve Hauschildt succumbs to the Sandman's strict orders, announces new album Where All Is Fled

There’s plenty of beauty in the natural world. Alternatively, sometimes it’s a good idea to spend a weekend in the woods looking for psychoactive toads to caress with your tongue, as the resulting hallucinations are at least 50% likely to give you a new perspective on things. And even though Steve Hauschildt probably didn’t involve toads in the creative process for his new album Where All Is Fled, out September 25 on Kranky, that doesn’t mean that inspiration was limited to sober activities like laying in the grass and guessing which cloud resembles the abnormal shape of Nicki Minaj’s artificial posterior. Instead, normally enlightening things like “surrealist landscape paintings,” “early alchemical emblems,” and dreams were the expressed heavy inspirations. To what end, you might ask?

The track below should make things obvious enough, but in addition to the novel orchestral incorporation, the album as a whole is reportedly a subtle demonstration of abstraction. Crowd sounds, animal noises, and “re-sampled text-to-speech synthesis” can be found by the careful listener, and the obvious synth sounds that characterized Hauschildt’s time as a member of Emeralds, as well as much of his previous solo work, seem to have diminished. I wouldn’t pour one out just yet though.

Here’s the very purdeh title track:

Where All Is Fled tracklisting:

01. Eyelids Gently Dreaming
02. Arpeggiare
03. A Reflecting Pool
04. Anesthesia
05. Vicinities
06. Edgewater Prelude
07. In Spite of Time’s Disguise
08. Where All is Fled
09. The World is Too Much With Us
10. Aequus
11. Caduceus
12. Sundialed
13. Lifelike
14. Centrifuge

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