Steve Hauschildt announces two-disc anthology of tracks you haven’t yet used to pretend your car is a rocket ship

Steve Hauschildt announces two-disc anthology of tracks you haven't yet used to pretend your car is a rocket ship

Steve Hauschildt is giving up on music. Well, no, surely that’s not the case, but it’s hard to resist the supposition following the relatively short lifespan of his Gneiss Things label, the tragic and personally tear-inducing disbandment of kosmische trio Emeralds, and now, the announcement of a two-disc anthology of “rare and unreleased solo works” recorded between 2005 and 2012. The following is not an accurate portrayal of Hauschildt’s mindset, but consider the analogy of a bitter relationship breakup. Assuming a lack of violent propensities, what’s the common, or at least cliché thing to do? Gather everything you have that reminds you of your former partner and… chuck it off a highway overpass, causing mile-long pileups, as drivers then stumble out of their cars to look for the culprit. Valentine’s Day Mix 2013… what havoc you’ve wreaked!

Or throw everything in the garbage, whatever.

The point being, you release everything, literally and figuratively, to gain a sense of closure and to tie things off. Is that what Hauschildt’s doing here with S/H, or has abundance beckoned the release of these tracks? Encouragement from one’s peers? Let’s not try and predict the future with these pieces from the past. While his work with Emeralds may have necessarily been a tad camouflaged given the style of music, this anthology is bound to give comprehensive insight into the guy who clearly pulled more than his creative weight as a member of the group. Henceforth, if he wants to pursue a life of kidnapping children and holding them hostage inside futuristic laser beam force fields, it’s ultimately out of our hands. Due September 16 on Editions Mego.

S/H tracklisting:

Disc 1: 2010 - 2012
01. Poinsettia

02. Galloping

03. Thumbprints
04. Uncanny Valley
05. Dimmer
06. Enter Return

07. Familiar Scene
08. Dream in Dial-Up
09. Flatbed Scanner
10. Ampersands
11. Auto Mile

12. Liberty I

13. Liberty II

14. Liberty III

15. Intimate Yell

16. Seabreezes

17. Flyswatter

18. Screenburn

19. By Buildings
20. Vox Ulterior

21. Still Cloudy

Disc 2: 2005 - 2009
01. In the Waves

02. Coming Into View

03. Jovian

04. Venn

05. Star Map

06. Backwards Glance

07. OCR

08. Rapt for Liquid Minister
09. Portal

10. Critique of the Beautiful
11. Hemero

12. Hiccup

13. Verbatim

14. Red Corridor

15. Passing Cars

16. Different Directions

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