Premiere: Susanna wades through the “Wilderness” on a new track from her upcoming Bosch-inspired album

Premiere: Susanna wades through the "Wilderness" on a new track from her upcoming Bosch-inspired album
Susanna & the Brotherhood of Our Lady, unfortunately not depicted on oak panels (Photo: Signe Fuglesteg Luksengard)

The fact that Susanna is releasing an album called Garden of Earthly Delights on February 22 makes perfect sense. The Norwegian songstress’s music has always elicited a certain Bosch-y “divine wildlife” feeling, much like a few of her other musical peers. But if there’s a competition of “who’s the most Bosch of them all?” (and maybe somewhere in Norway there is), Susanna is certainly poised to take the blue ribbon with her newest single, premiering today down below.

For Garden of Earthly Delights, her newest (and 13th!!) album, Susanna has assembled a crew of young Nordic artists to accompany her on her celestial wild-walking: The Brotherhood of Our Lady is her new band, and it of course is named after the religious organization that sponsored Bosch.

“Wilderness” swings around the maypole between a focus on the singer’s wide-ranging vocals and an embracing of the new full-band effect. “I come from sin / I come from wilderness” she sings, her voice emerging from the constraints of the piano just as a lost soul would emerge from the devilish, post-mortem wild.

Stream “Wilderness” below, and pre-order Garden of Earthly Delights before El Prado buys them all up!

Garden of Earthly Delights tracklisting:

01. Garden of Earthly Delights
02. Wayfarer
03. Ecstasy X
04. Death and the Miser
05. Ship of Fools
06. Ecstasy
07. Wilderness
08. Wayfarer II
09. Gluttony and Lust
10. Beautiful Life
11. By Earth and Starry Heaven
12. City of Hope
13. River to Hell
14. Gathering of Birds

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