Susanna announces new album Go Dig My Grave, suggests headphones and not actual shovels

Susanna announces new album Go Dig My Grave, suggests headphones and not actual shovels
(Not pictured: banjo on her knee)

Rumor has it (because she said so herself in an interview with our neighbors at The Quietus) that part of the reason Susanna Wallumrød succumbed to notions of expansiveness for her last album was because she had a fleeting “doomsday thought” that something inherent to the music business would prevent her from ever releasing music again. Hence, the singer from Norway released Triangle in 2016, an album whose admittedly-heavy hour and 10 minutes runtime and 22 tracks feel (retrospectively, at least) like a conscious effort to exhaust and and explore one’s songwriting limitations before it was…too late.

Since then, fans have been waiting with bated breath, wondering: “Was Triangle IT? Had Susanna disappeared, only to pop up under an alias down in South America???”

God no! And that’s despite the ominous title of Susanna’s next release, Go Dig My Grave, which is officially out February 9 on her own SusannaSonata label. The new one is a far less intimidating 10 tracks long, and musically, it’s set to be a mix of covers and versions of traditional folk songs. Susanna confirms her ongoing Ian Curtis love, for instance, by covering “Wilderness” after a well-received take on “Love Will Tear Us Apart.” The latter was an effort of Susanna and the Magical Orchestra, inclusive of pianist Morten Qvenild.

For the record, I still can’t get over Meshes of Voice, the collaboration with Jenny Hval. (So underrated.) But for now, listen to the title track (which features Giovanna Pessi, Ida Hidle & Tuva Syvertsen) from Go Dig My Grave down below, and go click this link to snag it on iTunes.

Go Dig My Grave tracklisting:

01. Freight Train
02. Cold Song
03. Invitation to the Voyage
04. Rye Whiskey
05. The Willow Song
06. Go Dig My Grave
07. Lilac Wine
08. Wilderness
09. The Three Ravens
10. Perfect Day

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