Supersilent sign to Smalltown Supersound to release 13

Supersilent sign to Smalltown Supersound to release 13

Reigning champions of the “Most Ironic Band Name” trophy for over 20 years now, Norwegian free-jazz stalwarts Supersilent are set to punish even more unsuspecting ears in 2016.

The first good news is that Supersilent has signed to Norwegian experimental label du jour Smalltown Supersound, thus putting to bed the years of “will they or won’t they” speculation. The fact is that this is an alignment of experimental Norwegian stars that makes so much sense it’s frightening — in a good way.

Secondly, to celebrate the union of Supersilent and Smalltown Supersound, the band will shortly be releasing their back catalogue onto digital streaming platforms. Again, about bloody time and also a perfect way to remind yourself (or teach yourself) how great Supersilent is before…

Thirdly, Supersilent will be releasing their 13th album, called 13, via Smalltown Supersound on September 30. The composite parts of Supersilent on the creation of 13 includes regulars Helge Sten and Arve Henriksen, along with new recruit Ståle Storløkken, who recorded the album live and loud through a PA in their rehearsal space. So expect the usual unexpected at the usual punishing volume.

The full tracklist is below, and you can listen to album closer “13.9” now.

13 tracklist:

01. 13.1
02. 13.2
03. 13.3
04. 13.4
05. 13.5
06. 13.6
07. 13.7
08. 13.8
09. 13.9

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