Suuns’ Ben Shemie beams down debut solo album A Skeleton, shares title track

Suuns' Ben Shemie beams down debut solo album A Skeleton, shares title track

You know that feeling when the sun cracks through the frost on a clear winter afternoon and everything feels bright and crisp and you’re all toasty in your waterproof parka with removable faux-fur trim on the hood, so you decide to go for a walk and nothing else seems to be of any consequence?

Well anyway, Ben Shemie, singer and guitarist of Montreal’s Suuns, has arrived with his debut solo LP called A Skeleton via Hands In the Dark. It drops (from a little sunbeam) on February 15.

A Skeleton is all about catchy synth experiments with lo-fi beats and chilly vocals, like a heavily pared down, digitized Suuns kissed with the atmosphere of midwinter solitude (or something). If you’re more theoretically minded and would prefer a more conceptual description, well…just listen to this: “The album recounts the random wanderings and metaphysical rêveries of a skeleton – the fantasy muse of the machine, devoid of sex or race, a neutral entity.” And when you’re done listening to that, you can listen to the title track, “A Skeleton,” below.

Pre-order A Skeleton here on digital and/or black vinyl (edition of 400), or go back in time to when the white vinyl (edition of 100) wasn’t completely sold out and get that! Otherwise, check out the tracklisting below, and feel that brisk, synthetic wind crawling up and around your soul.

A Skeleton tracklisting:

01. First
02. Baby Blue
03. A Skeleton
04. Fourth
05. Arms Down
06. Sixth
07. Lust
08. Differently
09. I Know You Feel The Same
10. Do Do Do

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